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  • Social network and business communications

    Social network and business communications

    Bitrix24 simplifies communications at your company. It allows your users to quickly find information and make decisions, and it can be used to communicate important information to your employees. Users can access such features as their messages and discussions of outstanding issues, documents, contacts, and important messages all within the unified information space of the corporate portal.

    Simple business communications

    The contact information of all employees is stored on the portal. It is possible to send an e-mail, write a message in a chat window, or make a video call to one or several colleagues simultaneously.

    Rapid decision-making

    By sending a message to a group, department, or specific employees in the live feed or chat, you can resolve outstanding issues quickly. Your message history is also stored on the portal.

    Corporate culture and values

    Your users can gain approval from a manager, help from colleagues, and answers to their questions all in one step. When the company's top management participates in the corporate social network, the company's environment becomes more open and trust-based. It motivates employees and creates particular advantage over competitors on the HR market.
  • Management of tasks and projects

    Management of tasks and projects

    Manage tasks and projects using convenient tools. The task functionality includes integration with calendars, a delegating mechanism, checklists, ready-made task templates, a filter designer, and the ability to issue Extranet tasks for working with partners. Monitor the timely completion of tasks in organizational units by helping your subordinates to avoid committing violations. Keep track of the amount of time and other resources that are spent on the performance of tasks.

    Monitor the progress of project tasks using a Gantt chart: keep track of the total number of tasks, the number of completed tasks, and which tasks have no deadline at all. Check an employee's workload before assigning them a new task. Evaluate completed task work on the basis of reports about persons/departments/received projects. Sum up the work results for a month broken down by department and by each employee.
  • Joint work on documents

    Joint work on documents

    Connect to Bitrix24.Disc and manage your working files both from your computer and directly from the portal. Connect folders with company files and group discs to your Disc, grant access to your colleagues, and work together on files. Share documents with colleagues, discuss them in the Live Feed, and obtain external links for social networks and partners.

    Work with documents even if you do not have office software. By using the external online services Google Docs and MS Office Online, you can open, view, and edit files in any of the popular formats directly on the portal. You can also edit any documents on the portal using "native" applications installed on your computer. The entire change history will be preserved, you will always be able to recover a previous version of the document and find the document you need by using internal search.
  • Automation of business processes and document flow

    Automation of business processes and document flow

    Bitrix 24 allows you to automate company business processes that are related to approval, mutual agreement, and tracking project milestones. When employees work in accordance with a business process, they do not waste time on inefficient actions, and their work is always transparent to the manager. A business process automation system will permit you to focus only on the results. There is no need to waste time organizing the work process itself.

    Visual designer

    Bitrix24 has a visual designer that lets you set up and adjust your own business processes. A business process can be created by dragging and dropping necessary action units from the catalog with a mouse. These can be document handling processes, various structures, conditions, notifications, tasks, etc. Each action can be set up in accordance with the company's objectives.

    Integrated business processes

    There are six business processes on which employees waste the most time while waiting for a supervisor's signature or approval or when collecting all of the necessary documents. Now these processes (recording incoming and outgoing documents, cash withdrawals, and filing requests for business trips and vacations) can be fully automated, configured, and made available to users.
  • CRM: Customers and Sales

    CRM: Customers and Sales

    The CRM system is closely integrated with the other services on the portal. Create a single database for clients, partners, and interactions involving them. Unify sales and maintenance service processes in order to make the sales cycle shorter and more predictable, to increase the number of successful transactions, and to increase the speed of customer service. Use Open Lines to promote the company's service to a whole new level and avoid losing any prospective customers.
  • Integration into the IT Infrastructure

    Integration into the IT Infrastructure

    Bitrix24 can be smoothly integrated into a company's existing IT architecture, making it possible to significantly shorten the time necessary for initial deployment and to reduce the number of employees needed to support this deployment. The portal can quickly become your go-to resource for finding all the information that you had to use different systems to find before.

    The portal uses AD-LDAP integration, which is a transparent authorization mechanism that is similar to SSO. Integrations with HR systems ensure that information about the company structure, employee data, and information about absences and HR changes are updated in a timely fashion. The two-way exchange of MS Exchange data from calendars and notifications about unread email messages and the ability to integrate contacts and events with Android and Apple mobile devices are among the many features that are already available in the product out of the box.
  • Performance and Scalability

    Performance and Scalability

    Bitrix24 helps customers to quickly develop portal solutions to cover new structural units at their company that support the registration of tens of thousands of new users without changing their project architecture or code. The product ensures uninterrupted operation under high loads. Additional scalability options are available for large holding companies.


    Testing results confirm that the Bitrix24 platform provides high performance and stability when working under high loads (there were no major service interruptions during a 24 hour testing period). A total of 9,500 out of 15,683 registered users at the company were able to work simultaneously on the portal on three servers. The system was able to provide quick responses with delays of no more than 1 second. These performance results undoubtedly conform with the expectations that modern users have about working with a portal.

    Web cluster

    The Web Cluster technology, which has proven itself in the Bitrix Enterprise product, has also turned out to be an effective solution for Intranet portals based on Bitrix24. The Holding version can be effectively horizontally scaled in accordance with the number of servers by using a scaling coefficient of 1.4. For actual projects the scaling coefficient can be higher due to the better correlation of read/write operations than is true during load testing.
  • Portal Network for Large Companies

    Portal Network for Large Companies

    Holdings and large companies can build a centrally managed network of portals using Bitrix24. Employees can visit the central portal, their local portal and, if the access has been so configured, the portals of other units within the company.

    Multiple Portals

    The basic version of multiportal access is available in the Holding version. In this case the portals are allocated within a single centralized installation of Bitrix24. Separate units or work groups have their own logical portals in addition to the central portal for the entire company.

    Enterprise Service Bus

    Bitrix Enterprise is recommended for very large companies that operate at a national level. It allows you to create a network of portals. Each of them represents a separate installation of the product, but at the same time all portals are unified and can interact with one another through the enterprise service bus, general authentication and real-time communications server, and portal controller. Employees can send communications (messages, chat, and video calls, tasks, etc.) between portals while working in their local portal.


SIBUR is the leading petrochemical industry company in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company actively pursues gas refining projects and the manufacture of monomers, plastics, resins, mineral fertilizers, tires, and industrial rubber goods. SIBUR has operations in 20 Russian regions and has over 50,000 employees. QSOFT specialists developed the portal for SIBUR on the basis of the Bitrix24 platform.
SUBWAY is the largest fast food restaurant chain that operates on the basis of a franchise model. The chain currently consists of more than 43,000 restaurants in 110 countries. It operates more than 670 restaurants in Russia. The company's website, which was developed by ARTW using Bitrix, has become an exhaustive source of information for restaurant guests and an important tool for stimulating sales at franchises.
The Russian Helicopters holding company is one of the world leaders in helicopter building industry. It both designs and manufactures helicopters in Russia, and it is also one of the few companies in the world that is able to design, manufacture, test, and maintain modern civilian and military helicopters. The Russian Helicopters holding company is a subsidiary of the Rostekh State Corporation. The company's corporate website operates on Bitrix24.
Miele & Cie. KG is a German manufacturer of premium home appliances. It has branch offices in more than 40 countries and owns 8 factories in Germany, 1 in Austria, and 1 in the Czech Republic. The website developed by Pervy BIT using the Bitrix24 platform allows Miele's service partners to actively use CRM to solve the company's business objectives.
Sberbank Spasibo
Thanks from Sberbank is a bonus program of Sberbank of Russia for bank card holders. This marketing initiative is aimed at stimulating and promoting customer loyalty at participating companies and at retaining program members. Companies can request to participate in the program, and bank customer program members are able to collect bonuses.
Wikimart is the leading company on the e-commerce market offering both products from partner stores and its own retail items on a single website. According to analysts at Internetretailer, Wikimart is the second fastest growing chain store in Europe. Wikimart offers over 2,000,000 products and services at competitive prices. It offers around 100,000 products with discounts every day, and delivers orders to 1,000 cities on time. It takes measures to ensure the security of payments.
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia receives a large number of communications (both external and internal). It now manages these electronic messages using the Electronic Chamber of Commerce project, which is powered by a Bitrix-based portal and includes hundreds of information resources. Mikhail Maximov, Director of the Department of Information and Communications Technologies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, provided us with the details about this project.
Tatneft is the sixth largest Russian oil company in terms of oil production volume. A platform for open communication and collaborative work was launched while deploying the corporate portal. A total of 10,859 users have registered in the system. Approximately 2,500 users use the platform every day. The number of messages sent across the platform has significantly increased due to the new horizontal and vertical links.
EvroSibEnergo-Engineering is one of the largest Russian engineering companies in the energy construction sector. It actively implements projects in the area of thermal energy, electricity, hydropower, and thermal engineering. The company has 1,900 employees. The use of the Bitrix24 platform has allowed the company to save at least RUB 1.5 million on the implementation of its internal portal solution.
RIA Novosti
RIA Novosti (MIA "Rossiya segodnya") is the leading news agency of Russia. Each day the agency publishes hundreds of official reports in Russian and five European languages as well as in Farsi, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese. The implementation of the internal website has allowed RIA Novosti to optimize their internal communication system, create a single informational space, and bring together all employees at RIA Novosti irrespective of their location.
Panavto is the official dealer of Mercedes Benz, Maybach, and SLR McLaren in Russia. The dealer center employs more than 500 employees. QSOFT Studio has implemented an internal corporate portal in order to facilitate internal communication and streamline a large database of administrative and HR documents at the company. The website has allowed the company to significantly reduce the amount of time employees spend on routine tasks.
Magnit is one of the leading grocery store chains in Russia. It is the market leader in terms of the number of grocery stores and the number of regions in which it is present. The company chain includes over 13,000 stores in 2,436 cities in the Russian Federation. It is the leading retail chain by sales in Russia. The company's profits in 2015 totaled RUB 950,613.34 billion. The chain's employees work on Bitrix24.
Ford Sollers
Ford Sollers (intranet) is a joint venture of the Ford Motor Company and OJSC Sollers engaged in the manufacturing, import, and sale of Ford products in Russia, including vehicles, spare parts, and other accessories. The Intranet has become a single information and communication platform for the company's 4,000 specialists who work at three production sites and the company headquarters in Moscow. is the largest online megamarket in Russia. It has branch offices in the various Russian regions. The company has more than 3,000 employees. An internal corporate portal was implemented at in order to create a single communication space and develop the company’s internal corporate culture. It allows the company to promptly share news, exchange information, and keep in touch with all company employees.
Bank BFA
Bank BFA a member of the URALSIB Group, is ranked as one of the Top 5 banks in St. Petersburg in terms of equity. ARTW deployed a standard version of Bitrix24 at 4 branch offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thanks to the new internal resource, which has replaced Microsoft SharePoint 2010, managers and employees at the Bank have been able to significantly improve the efficiency of their communications. The new solution has also been able to simplify a number of business processes.
Rosneft is the leading Russian oil industry company and the largest public oil and gas corporation in the world. The developed portal for the board of directors provides an effective service. By using the portal, members of the board can now conveniently prepare for meetings irrespective of their physical location.


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