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01A Fully Featured B2B and B2C Commerce Solution

  • Russia's Top eCommerce Solution

    Russia's Top eCommerce Solution

    Thirty projects featured on Russian e-Commerce Top 100 and over 30,000 web stores are now running on Bitrix platform simply because of its flexibility. With this platform, almost any web project becomes a reality.

    Your project will be developed by the best system integrators and web developers. All major Russian web studios, digital agencies and system integrators support Bitrix platform. The market's largest Bitrix developers community includes members with expert knowledge of platform architecture and project optimization to match the required load and traffic.
  • The Fastest Way to Start

    The Fastest Way to Start

    Bitrix is not just an eCommerce platform but a ready-made solution that allows you to quickly launch your project. The turnkey store includes a fully functional product catalog, shopping cart, and checkout plugin; integration with payment aggregators and logistics services; and a customer personal account area. There are over 100 out-of-the-box components in total that you can install. The professional adaptive design and ready-made mobile app allow you to engage with mobile users instantly.

    The project can be launched very quickly, and it will then be ready for further development and scaling without any restrictions.
  • Flexible product catalog

    Flexible product catalog

    The Bitrix eCommerce Platform is suitable for stores with any size and type of product catalog: home appliances and electronics, fashion, retail food, DIY, FMCG, goods for children, etc. Our flexible product catalog can be used to sell many different types of goods: simple, variable, by weight, in kits and sets, etc. Customizable access privileges and business processes allow you to implement the business logic you need in order to stock your catalog, add content, and keep the information in your system up-to-date.

    Powerful search and navigation tools help the customer to quickly find the products they need on the eCommerce store website. Integration with company ERP systems (thanks to Bitrix out-of-the-box solutions) allows you to exchange data about product SKUs, orders, sales, and customer information in real time.
  • Multichannel communications

    Multichannel communications

    Modern consumers demand that retailers sell their products across all sales channels. The Bitrix platform supports all of the major types of multichannel communications to reach buyers shopping on online stores. We help you provide updated information and quality service across all available channels.

    Product catalog and checkout, sales, and special offers will work the same across all channels. Orders made on websites and mobile apps, purchases made in brick-and-mortar stores or fulfilled by courier will be recorded in a single order management system (OMS). Customers will appreciate the wide range of opportunities for cross-channel interactions, such as store reservations, store pickups, store ordering & home delivery, etc.
  • Personalization based on BigData

    Personalization based on BigData

    For the first time Bitrix Enterprise is offering customers an integrated personalization system enhanced by a cloud service for the storage and analysis of user preferences based on BigData technology.

    By analyzing large data arrays, Bitrix: BigData is able to automatically prepare various kinds of personalized product recommendations for each visitor. The self-learning algorithms are able to consider data about product range, order history, preferences, the customer's past buying experiences (including their experience using other websites), and their similarity to other buyers. All this makes it possible to segment the customers very accurately and serve updated and personalized content to them. As a result, you can significantly increase your conversion rate and average purchase amount while avoiding the wasting of time and effort on constantly manually adjusting mechanisms that was required with previous generation solutions.
  • Single order processing system

    Single order processing system

    The order management system (OMS) allows the customer to fully control the way their order is processed across any communication channel, to make changes, and to request returns for items with ease.

    The wide range of settings allows you to implement an order processing procedure while taking into account the specific needs of your individual retail business. The manager can assign an unlimited number of statuses with detailed options for granting access rights. He has access to updated information about warehouse inventory, the ability to flexibly filter by order, personalized recommendations for upselling customers on suitable goods, and much more.
  • Marketing and Customer Loyalty

    Marketing and Customer Loyalty

    The Bitrix platform is unique because of the number of integrated tools that it offers allowing you to increase buyer interest in your website, stimulate repeat sales, and encourage regular customers by steadily and successfully increasing their LTV.

    The powerful system of marketing promotions, discounts, and special offers allows managers to send attractive offers for goods, items placed in shopping carts but then abandoned, and payment and delivery conditions. Sets and kits, gifts, savings programs, and the crediting of points to users' internal accounts represent just a few of the possibilities made possible by our platform.

    Personalized newsletters provide ways of sending relevant offers to customers, informing them about new products and promotions, and conducting research. Flexible and customizable triggers allow you to motivate customers to return to your website and increase your conversion rate.

    The A/B testing subsystem provides you with a way of evaluating the impact of a change in the design of the entire website or specific pages on your conversion rate.
  • Wide Range of Integrations

    Wide Range of Integrations

    The Bitrix Enterprise platform leads its market segment in terms of the number of turnkey integrations that it offers with Russian eCommerce services. It allows you to offer your customers a convenient and familiar service as well as a wide variety of payment and product delivery options starting right on day one when you launch your store.

    The Bitrix eCommerce platform is integrated with external accounting, ERP, and CRM systems, which permit you to automate order processing tasks, work with stock lists, and manage promotions and special offers.


  • New core and d7 architecture

    New core and d7 architecture

    The Bitrix eCommerce platform is now powered by a new D7 core. The flexible object-oriented architecture of the core is suitable for developing complex, modular, and high-load projects. It increases the stability and performance of the platform and simplifies the implementation and support of large projects.

    D7 core is:
    • A new development principle
    • A full-fledged object-oriented programming platform
    • An ORM
    • A platform that supports name spaces, and much more
  • Performance and Scalability

    Performance and Scalability

    Bitrix-based projects perform excellently under high workload, including high traffic due to promotions and sales, high order volume, constant user activity, etc. The websites that use our platform operate quickly and have high conversion rates and better ratings in search engines.

    Our platform powers eCommerce projects that have placed in the 2016 TOP 100 Russian Internet Store rating. We carry out independent load tests to confirm the performance of our platform.

    Our technologies include:
    • A web cluster module that distributes load among several servers and ensures the reliability of the service 24/7.
    • Composite website technology, multilevel caching, and CDN networks allow websites to open in mere fractions of a second.
  • Security


    The Bitrix Enterprise product comes with a wide set of tools to meet the requirements of large projects for secure access and protection of confidential information that form part of the "Proactive Protection" concept. These components include SSL, DDOS protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), one-time password technologies, cloud security scanner, integrity control, and other features.

    The Bitrix Enterprise platform is the only eCommerce platform certified by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of the Russian Federation (FSTEC of Russia) that permits the processing of any class of personal data.
  • Mobility


    Mobile devices represent an additional and fast growing sales channel. Bitrix-based websites have an adaptive design by default: Internet store pages automatically adapt to the screen size of mobile devices.

    The Bitrix: Mobile Application platform is intended for specific tasks. It allows you to create mobile apps for iOS and Android while avoiding the need for complex and expensive development. Web developers can issue and publish native applications using simply HTML5 and JS.

    Special mobile apps for Internet store personnel make it possible to manage orders (add products, ship, approve delivery, and confirm payment) and receive basic reports about mobile device usage of your Internet store.


Sibur is the leading petrochemical industry company in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company actively pursues gas refining projects and the manufacture of monomers, plastics, resins, mineral fertilizers, tires, and industrial rubber goods. SIBUR has operations in 20 Russian regions and has over 50,000 employees. The main website and 37 affiliated websites of the company are based on Bitrix. The company’s main website was developed by Actis Wunderman.
AlfaStrakhovanie Group
AlfaStrakhovanie Group is one of the largest insurance companies in Russia. Close to 400 regional offices in the Russian Federation provide insurance services. The company's services are used by 20.4 million private clients and over 440,000 companies. The company's Bitrix-based website is maintained by Agima. Each day more than 1,000 people buy travel insurance policies on the website. A third of these clients are repeat customers and account for 60% of transactions on the website.
The Alfa-Bank Customer Club
The Alfa-Bank Customer Club – is an online website created on the Bitrix platform that is designed to facilitate the exchange of opinions among businessmen and experts. The objective of the platform is to free small companies from routine tasks, solve technical issues, and reduce costs. The Customer Club includes success stories from customers, discounts for various business services, and offers by the bank itself.
Sberbank Leasing
JSC Sberbank Leasing – is one of the largest leasing companies in Russia. Sberbank of Russia PAO is the company's shareholder. The regional network of JSC Sberbank Leasing includes over 40 branches in the largest Russian cities and company subsidiaries in Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, and Belarus. The new version of the corporate website of Sberbank Leasing was developed by Fusion.
Sogaz insurance company is the largest Russian insurance company. The company represents the core business of the insurance group of the same name. For 7 years in a row the company has held second place in Russia in terms of the total amount of obtained insurance premiums. Authorized capital amounts to RUB 15.1 billion. The company's headquarters is located in Moscow. The insurance company's website operates on the Bitrix platform.
Rosreestr is the government agency tasked with the registration of ownership rights to real property, establishing the boundaries of land plots, and appraising real property. The agency was created in Russia in 2009. Openness, extendability, unlimited scalability, and the high level of security of the Bitrix:Enterprise platform used by the institution's website has allowed the information system of Rosreestr's official website to operate efficiently and without failures.
SIBUR is the leading petrochemical industry company in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company actively pursues gas refining projects and the manufacture of monomers, plastics, resins, mineral fertilizers, tires, and industrial rubber goods. SIBUR has operations in 20 Russian regions and has over 50,000 employees. QSOFT specialists developed the portal for SIBUR on the basis of the Bitrix24 platform.
SUBWAY is the largest fast food restaurant chain that operates on the basis of a franchise model. The chain currently consists of more than 43,000 restaurants in 110 countries. It operates more than 670 restaurants in Russia. The company's website, which was developed by ARTW using Bitrix, has become an exhaustive source of information for restaurant guests and an important tool for stimulating sales at franchises.
The Russian Helicopters holding company is one of the world leaders in helicopter building industry. It both designs and manufactures helicopters in Russia, and it is also one of the few companies in the world that is able to design, manufacture, test, and maintain modern civilian and military helicopters. The Russian Helicopters holding company is a subsidiary of the Rostekh State Corporation. The company's corporate website operates on Bitrix24.
Miele & Cie. KG is a German manufacturer of premium home appliances. It has branch offices in more than 40 countries and owns 8 factories in Germany, 1 in Austria, and 1 in the Czech Republic. The website developed by Pervy BIT using the Bitrix24 platform allows Miele's service partners to actively use CRM to solve the company's business objectives.
Sberbank Spasibo
Thanks from Sberbank is a bonus program of Sberbank of Russia for bank card holders. This marketing initiative is aimed at stimulating and promoting customer loyalty at participating companies and at retaining program members. Companies can request to participate in the program, and bank customer program members are able to collect bonuses.
Wikimart is the leading company on the e-commerce market offering both products from partner stores and its own retail items on a single website. According to analysts at Internetretailer, Wikimart is the second fastest growing chain store in Europe. Wikimart offers over 2,000,000 products and services at competitive prices. It offers around 100,000 products with discounts every day, and delivers orders to 1,000 cities on time. It takes measures to ensure the security of payments.
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia receives a large number of communications (both external and internal). It now manages these electronic messages using the Electronic Chamber of Commerce project, which is powered by a Bitrix-based portal and includes hundreds of information resources. Mikhail Maximov, Director of the Department of Information and Communications Technologies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, provided us with the details about this project.
Eldorado is one of the largest Russian chain stores selling home appliances and electronics. The chain consists of 132 order pickup facilities for orders placed on the website and 13 Internet hypermarkets. The chain's online sales in 2015 totaled RUB 3.5 billion, which was 15% of the company's total turnover, and since then sales have continued to grow. Lenvendo provides project support and development.
Euroset is the largest retail chain in Russia selling mobile and portable electronics and providing mobile communications and financial services. The retailer's share of the Russian mobile and smartphone market is around 30%. The company has over 60 Internet stores in Russia that are managed by a single Bitrix platform. Bitrix helps the company actively grow its online sales all over the country.
LEROY MERLIN is an international retailer of home improvement, construction, and garden supplies. The goal of the company's official Internet store is to increase the retailer's sales volume and to support its image as the leading DIY chain in Russia. The company's Internet store came in second in Russia in 2014 in terms of its growth rate.
QSOFT, a certified Gold partner of Bitrix, carried out a large scale update of its MTS Internet store. As a result, the Internet store's key services include the "pick up in store" feature, which permits customers to order a product online and pick it up at the store, a back office interface for employees, and certain other initiatives. The developers also carried out one of the most complex types of integration with the SAP/R3 logistics system platforms, which has made it possible to significantly simplify and speed up order processing by operators.
Tatneft is the sixth largest Russian oil company in terms of oil production volume. A platform for open communication and collaborative work was launched while deploying the corporate portal. A total of 10,859 users have registered in the system. Approximately 2,500 users use the platform every day. The number of messages sent across the platform has significantly increased due to the new horizontal and vertical links.
Svyaznoy is one of the leading Internet retailers of mobile and digital electronics in Russia. Currently the svyaznoy.ru website is visited by 15 million people each month. The website processes over 200,000 orders per month and is one of the key players in the online retail sector with turnover of RUB 17 billion as of the end of 2013. Lenvendo provides project support and development.
State Duma
The State Duma of the Russian Federation is the country's supreme legislative and representative body and a chamber of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation. Intaro Studio developed the official Internet website for the State Duma of the Russian Federation, which makes it possible for users to obtain information quickly. The website is able to operate under high loads: it can process several million user queries.
MTS Bank
MTS Bank – is a fast growing bank operating on a national scale. It is ranked as one of the Top 50 Russian banks. It has 9 branches and 120 offices, and as of 2014 its assets totaled RUB 166 million. AIC has completed a major update of the bank's official website. The website structure and navigation were optimized, page loading time was minimized so that clients are able to access the information they need without wasting time, and interactive services were added.
Moscow Government
The IT Department of the City of Moscow commissioned Notameda to develop custom software to design standard website portals for its government agencies. The project serves hundreds of websites with a single point of support, operational management, and centralized security management that meets high quality standards. The costs to create, develop, and maintain the websites as part of the "Information City" all-city program were reduced by a fivefold factor.
JSC Meditsina
JSC Meditsina is a multidisciplinary commercial medical center which includes medical clinics, a multidisciplinary hospital, 24-hour medical emergency assistance, and a modern oncology center. More than 340 medical doctors working in 44 medical specializations work at Meditsina. The company's official website operates on Bitrix and is closely integrated with the company's internal medical systems. It allows the patients to have access to all updated information.
GK Avtomir
GK Avtomir is the largest Russian car dealer selling 19 car makes. GK Avtomir has 49 dealer centers in cities across the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company currently employs approximately 7,000 employees. DEFA Studio developed a system of websites for GK AVTOMIR that offers customers updated information on vehicles and services and an extended set of tools.
IBS (DEFA) is the largest IT developer in Russia. It provides services in the area of system integration, the implementation of business applications, design and creation of IT infrastructure, software development, the creation of systems for the collection and analysis of big data, and outsourcing. The official website reflects IBS' vision of the value proposition that it can give customers as an an expert that can help customers find their bearings in the rapidly changing business technology environment.
Rostelecom is the largest national telecommunications company in Russia and Europe. The company is a technology leader in innovation solutions for electronic government, cloud computing, healthcare, and many other areas. The proceeds of the group of companies totaled RUB 143.8 billon during the first six months of 2015, and it had a net profit of RUB 8.2 billion during the same period. The official website of the company, which was developed by QSOFT, is visited by over 20,000 persons per day.
RosEvroBank is a bank that services corporate and private clients. The bank issues loans to small and medium-sized businesses, and it actively pursues international business opportunities and broker services. It has 6 branch offices in Russia ad 13 subdivisions in Moscow. Financial profit for the first six months of 2015 totaled RUB 3.8 million. The new version of the official website of the bank and its regional branch offices was developed by QSOFT Studio team.
VTB Group is an international network with over 30 banks and financial services firms operating in more than 20 countries in the CIS, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The corporate website, which was developed by Articul Media, has consolidated all of the web assets of the VTB Group in a single technological solution with a consistent style.
XEROX is a world leader in the processing and management of information and documents. It offers a wide range of solutions for office infrastructure and communications as well as specialized services for outsourcing business processes with high document flows and complex information projects. The Xerox corporation has over 140,000 employees. The company's new official website has become the source of up-to-date information for its customers.
Rosselkhozbank is one of the largest banks in Russia. It is a multi-purpose commercial bank providing all kinds of bank services. It is the leading financial institution for agribusinesses in Russia. 100% of the bank's shares are owned by the government. The bank's new official website has become a convenient tool that various types of clients, ranging from retailers to large companies, use to satisfy their financial needs.
EvroSibEnergo-Engineering is one of the largest Russian engineering companies in the energy construction sector. It actively implements projects in the area of thermal energy, electricity, hydropower, and thermal engineering. The company has 1,900 employees. The use of the Bitrix24 platform has allowed the company to save at least RUB 1.5 million on the implementation of its internal portal solution.
RIA Novosti
RIA Novosti (MIA "Rossiya segodnya") is the leading news agency of Russia. Each day the agency publishes hundreds of official reports in Russian and five European languages as well as in Farsi, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese. The implementation of the internal website has allowed RIA Novosti to optimize their internal communication system, create a single informational space, and bring together all employees at RIA Novosti irrespective of their location.
Panavto is the official dealer of Mercedes Benz, Maybach, and SLR McLaren in Russia. The dealer center employs more than 500 employees. QSOFT Studio has implemented an internal corporate portal in order to facilitate internal communication and streamline a large database of administrative and HR documents at the company. The website has allowed the company to significantly reduce the amount of time employees spend on routine tasks.
Magnit is one of the leading grocery store chains in Russia. It is the market leader in terms of the number of grocery stores and the number of regions in which it is present. The company chain includes over 13,000 stores in 2,436 cities in the Russian Federation. It is the leading retail chain by sales in Russia. The company's profits in 2015 totaled RUB 950,613.34 billion. The chain's employees work on Bitrix24.
Hoff – is one of the largest furniture and homeware hypermarket chains in Russia. It offers complete interior design solutions based on a wide multibrand product range. The Hoff e-store has been established using the Bitrix platform. For the first six months of 2015 the e-store sales volume reached 11.5% of the chain's total turnover, totaling RUB 0.7 billion.
OZON International & Europe
OZON EU, US, KZ In 2013 ARTW was able to launch full-fledged OZON e-stores in Kazakhstan and Latvia on a very short turnaround that have distinguished themselves for their reliability and fail safe operation. These e-stores comply with security requirements. The product catalog of these e-stores includes over 500,000 items. Nevertheless, all website pages are able to load within 0.5 sec.
TSUM Moscow
TSUM Moscow is the largest shopping mall in Russia, which includes over 1,500 apparel, footwear, perfume, cosmetics, and accessory brands. The e-store database includes 5,000 products from 300 global luxury brands. Aero has developed a heavy-duty e-store for TSUM that is designed to withstand daily visitor volumes of up to 30,000 people.
Ford Sollers
Ford Sollers (intranet) is a joint venture of the Ford Motor Company and OJSC Sollers engaged in the manufacturing, import, and sale of Ford products in Russia, including vehicles, spare parts, and other accessories. The Intranet has become a single information and communication platform for the company's 4,000 specialists who work at three production sites and the company headquarters in Moscow.
Ozon.ru is the largest online megamarket in Russia. It has branch offices in the various Russian regions. The company has more than 3,000 employees. An internal corporate portal was implemented at Ozon.ru in order to create a single communication space and develop the company’s internal corporate culture. It allows the company to promptly share news, exchange information, and keep in touch with all company employees.
KARI is a large international retail chain selling footwear and accessories. The chain has 879 stores in 5 countries. The new version of their Internet store developed by Aero studio includes unconventional integration solutions that link together the corporate ERP, cash management software at each individual store, customer loyalty system, payment terminal for payment cards, call center integration, web analytics services, and bulk SMS and email marketing.
«Krasnoye&Beloye» is a national retail chain that sells alcoholic beverages. The company's e-store has been developed by Xpage studio using Bitrix platform. The website offers a personal recommendation service to help customers choose products. The functionality is based on Bitrix:BigData. The website is able to successfully cope with the workload of up to 100,000 people per day, including holidays, thanks to the transition to a new D7 e-commerce platform and the use of the Composite Website page load acceleration technology.
It manufactures and sells goods for tourism, sports, hunting, and fishing. The company's distribution chain includes 500 stores all over Russia, and it has branch offices in Belarus and the Ukraine. The Navigator Group has developed a new adaptive e-store for the company. The website is used by both retail and wholesale customers to purchase goods. The e-store traffic has doubled.
Construction supplies retail chain. The new website developed by Fact studio started went live in 2016. The migration to the Bitrix platorm together with the implementation of the Composite Website technology have significantly accelerated page loading speed, with up to 30,000 unique users visiting each day. The adaptive interface of the new website has increased the size of the audience by engaging users visiting from tablets and smartphones.
Bank BFA
Bank BFA a member of the URALSIB Group, is ranked as one of the Top 5 banks in St. Petersburg in terms of equity. ARTW deployed a standard version of Bitrix24 at 4 branch offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thanks to the new internal resource, which has replaced Microsoft SharePoint 2010, managers and employees at the Bank have been able to significantly improve the efficiency of their communications. The new solution has also been able to simplify a number of business processes.
QSOFT has developed one of the most significant projects in the e-commerce space: the fashion footwear e-store Sapato.ru. Developers successfully performed certain tasks that were crucial during the project's initial stage thanks to smooth teamwork and the extensive functionality of the development platform. This functionality allowed the team to satisfy all of the customer's requirements within a very short time period.
Re:store is a brand and retail chain of monobrand specialized stores in Russia and a member of the Inventive Retail Group. Specifically, it is an Apple Premium Reseller. In 2014 the turnover of the Inventive Retail Group totaled RUB 25.88 billion. The chain includes 82 stores in 21 Russian cities. The company's e-store is based on the Bitrix platform.

Integrators: Irbis and Komanda-A
Technopark is a large retail chain in the home appliance and electronics space. It includes 60 stores in Moscow and 16 in the other Russian regions. The total headcount of the company is 1,700 people. Aero studio has developed an adaptive e-store for Technopark that is closely integrated with all of the company's internal resources.
ESKY is a major e-store retailer of goods for children. Customers can choose from over 86,000 products in 600 product categories. The store receives an average of 2,000 orders per day. Thanks to convenient navigation and rich informational content of the website that was created on the Bitrix platform, the project is able to appeal to both children and their parents.
Rosneft is the leading Russian oil industry company and the largest public oil and gas corporation in the world. The developed portal for the board of directors provides an effective service. By using the portal, members of the board can now conveniently prepare for meetings irrespective of their physical location.
Obuv Rossii, which sports the trade name Westfalika, is a national retail footwear chain that is one of the five largest operators on the Russian footwear market. In 2014, 2 million customers visited 300 stores in 80 Russian cities. In 2014 the company's turnover totaled RUB 8 billion. The successful launch of the e-store allowed the company to carry out a large project to build up multichannel sales. Thus, it was able to increase sales by more than 1.5 times and the website traffic by 80%.
OLDI is a large multichannel retail chain dedicated to sales of consumer electronics and computers. It has one of the most visited and recognizable e-stores in Russia, OLDI.RU. Each day 60,000 unique users visit the store. The product catalog includes 40,000 items, and the store receives an average of 1,000 orders per day.
KANT is a sports retail chain focused on 6 kind of sports: downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, roller skating, and cycling. Aero Studio has relaunched the company's official website and e-store. New features of the Bitrix platform, CRM integration of the website, and Internet marketing optimization have allowed the company to double the conversion rate of the e-store during the first three months of its operation.
Dochki-Synochki is an all-Russia chain of super stores for babies, kids, and teenagers. Over 130 stores currently operate in Russia offering more than 55,000 products from more than 500 suppliers in Russia, China, Spain, France, Italy, and other countries. The chain's e-store has allowed the company to increase customer coverage and generally improve the sales level of the chain.
Inventive Retail Group
The Inventive Retail Group is a project consisting of subsidiary chains of specialized retailers that sell the products of the leading manufacturers of digital electronics as well as children's and sporting goods. The core brands that the company sells include Apple, Samsung, Sony, LEGO, and NIKE. The company's website and mobile applications are based on the Bitrix platform. Each day the group's websites and their mobile versions are visited by more than 100,000 persons. The company's catalog lists 20,000 SKUs, and an average of 1,000 purchases are made each day.
Nikon Store
Nikon Store is the Nikon brand's e-store for Russia, which was created on the Bitrix platform. It sells camera lens, flashes, sports optics (binoculars), and software. The e-store offers a smart search function that allows customers to explore an extended product catalog, photographic descriptions, and video instructions for products. Customers can prepay for products using a bank card. Also, the e-store offers a variety of delivery and payment options.
Petrovich specializes in selling construction materials. The company owns a chain of 15 retail subdivisions in St. Petersburg, the North-Western Federal District, and the Central Federal District. The company's product range totals over 15,000 items. Petrovich positions itself as a multi-channel retailer, which makes it stand out from the majority of its competitors. In 2014 and 2015 Internet sales represented the fastest growing area. The sales through the company's website doubled in those years, accounting for over 23% of the total volume of sales.
Tekhnonikol is the largest manufacturer and supplier of construction materials for industry and civil facilities and also for private house building in Russia. The company's adaptive e-store was created by GreenSight studio using the Bitrix platform. The e-store's product range includes over 5,000 items from more than 400 suppliers whose goods can be bought in Siberia and Far East.
Globus Gourmet
Globus Gourmet is a chain of premium supermarkets. Its e-store was developed by Sebekon using the Bitrix platform. The e-store includes a product catalog, tools for managing discounts and marketing campaigns, delivery cost calculation, reporting on assembled orders, deliveries, and operations, and also an order management panel. The e-store is integrated with loyalty systems and external services.
Moscow State University
The Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU) is one of the oldest and largest classical universities in Russia with 15 research institutes, 41 faculties, over 300 departments, and 6 branch campuses (including 5 located abroad in CIS countries). Over 35,000 students; 5,000 postgraduates, Ph.D. and doctoral candidates; and 10,000 participants in preparatory courses (or a total of approximately 50,000 enrollees) study at the university.
FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
The tourist portal of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia offers information about World Cup participants, host cities, photos and videos, and news. The website was developed by AIC+QSOFT using the Bitrix Enterprise platform.


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